Captiv8 Aquaculture (New Products)

Captiv8 Aquaculture (New Products)

Welcome to Reef Aquaculture Specialists, we would like to introduce you to Captiv8 Aquaculture's product line and detail our experience with using their products over the last several months.

We are posting a quick video link below. Please follow the link as it will take you to YouTube channel for Richard at Afishionado who did a great video with the owner of Captiv8 Aquaculture. The owner Chris, gives you a brief history of how he began in the industry, his education and his background. After watching the brief video please like and subscribe to the channel, so to allow Richard to continue to make great videos to share.

We have been using Captiv8 Reef as a staple food in our coral grow out systems for several months now. When you feed with Captiv8 Reef, you will notice an almost immediate feeding response from most corals. The mixture does not contain any fillers as similar products in the hobby have, such as yeast and other preservative by products. Captiv8 Reef also will not substantially raise your nitrates and phosphates, as other products within the reefing hobby. 

After using Captiv8 Reef for several months we have noticed substantial growth and health in our coral systems. Several months ago we brought in a handful of wild Indo Holy Grail Torches. Due to the long shipping times from Indo, the torches were not in the best of health when received.  

We put the torches into one of our systems and began spot feeding Cativ8 Reef on day 1. The torches did not look like Holy Grail's when originally came in. The green was very dull and there was almost no yellow. Fast forward several months of spot feeding and nursing the torches back to health, the colors are bright and vibrant. See image below. Unfortunately we did not think to take picture on the day we received them. 

Along with feeding Captiv8 Reef, we also implore the use of Algae Scrubbers on our systems. Prior to the use of Algae Scrubbers, we were constantly fighting the nutrients within our systems. It was a serious fight between feeding our corals enough so as not to starve them, but also attempt to keep the nitrates and phosphates at an acceptable level. 

Within a month and a half of installing Algae Scrubbers, our nutrients began to drop. So much so we now had another issue, we could not keep nutrients. So we now had to actually dose Nitrates and Phosphates. 

When introduced to Captiv8 Aquaculture products, we learned about another new product they were bringing to market. Captiv8 Isol8 MT. This is a very interesting product, as it includes all the trace elements our Algae Scrubber's were removing from the system's. We had no idea when initially putting the Algae Scrubber's into the mix they would strip so much beneficial nutrients out of the system's. 

So we began to use Isol8 MT, the product is very concentrated. We mixed the proper solution for our systems with R/O water and connected an automated doser. Sure enough within a month we started to notice good polyp extension again on our SPS corals and coloration was coming back from a pastel color to a more vibrant color we were used to seeing.

Of course for all the skeptics, you are going to argue our success no matter what. But I have to say after using just these 2 products from Captiv8 Aquaculture for the last several months combined with our already in use methods of feeding we have seen more growth, coloration and health then what we saw prior to using Captiv8 Aquaculture products.

Combined with the benefit of not substantially raising your nitrates and phosphates as other similar products, for Reef Aquaculture Specialists, using Captiv8 Aquaculture products is a no brainer for us. 

It should also be noted we have not received any monetary incentive for this honest and straight forward review, we also have no vested interest in Captiv8 Aquaculture. It is simply a game changing product within the industry and we believe in it from our personal use. We have posted a few pictures of our coral below this article. Thank you again for taking the time to read.

Feel free to leave any comments below or email us with any comments or concerns to 

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed. Also Please visit Captiv8 Aquaculture website for a complete line of products. You can follow the link below.


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