Winter Live Sale Directions

Who’s ready for our Winter Live Sale???
Friday – February 3rd, 2023, at 6:30 PM EST
The Winter Live Sale will be run on our website, please follow the following link to the Winter Live Sale :

New Items will be dropped every 15 minutes until 10:15 PM

Please Read the Live Sale Directions before the sale begins, by following the following link:

This sale is going to be different then our past Facebook Live Sales.

We are going to have some awesome deals: Freebie’s, $5, $10, $15 frags, $20 Goni Frags, Great Torch Coral Deals – minimum $100 total purchases to claim

Only 2 of these special items can be purchased per household, if more then 2 have been purchased, a refund will be given after the sale is over. Thank you for your understanding, this is to allow everyone to take advantage of these special offers.

We will be dropping Mystery Box Corals periodically during the Live Sale for $25, $50, $75, $100 and $150 – Mystery Box Corals will be well worth the mystery

New Corals will be dropped every 15 minutes.

To Help you see the newest corals being dropped, please use the Filter Sort by: function and change it to Date, new to old

The first person to add the item to their cart and checkout wins the item. Once the coral is purchased, it will go out of stock and will not allow you to check out. We have plenty of stock, In the rare instance if two people check out at the same time, the second person to check out will receive a similar item.  

To help speed up the checkout process:

  1. Create an account on our website prior to the sale starting.
  2. Save your billing and shipping information.
  3. Add a Live Sale shipping module to your cart
  4. The live sale shipping module will have a $0 cost
  5. Continue to Checkout
  6. Select Ship and confirm shipping information is correct.
  7. Continue to shipping and select the correct Live Sale shipping option
    1. The only two valid live sale options are:
      1. Live Sale in Florida Shipping UPS Overnight $20
      2. Live Sale Outside of Florida shipping UPS Overnight $35
  • There will be no free shipping for this live sale, only free local pickup
  1. Click continue to payment
  2. Enter payment Information
  3. Confirm Billing address
  4. To help speed up the process you can save your information by clicking “save my information for a faster checkout”
  5. Click the Pay Now button

We are going to try something new which we couldn’t do on Facebook as well:

We will drop Live Sale Discount Codes during the Live Sale. The Discount Codes will be one time use and can only be used for Live Sale Items. First person to use the discount code will receive it. Once the code has been used it will no longer be valid.

How the discount codes will work:

  1. You place an item(s) in your cart
  2. Click Checkout
  3. Enter the Discount Code in the appropriate place and click apply
  4. Confirm shipping information is correct
  5. Continue to payment info, enter payment and click pay

We will not be offering any Free Shipping for this Live Sale – You will need to select one of the Live Sale Shipping Options on your first check out.

Live Sale Shipping will be as follows:

Florida Shipping $20

Outside of Florida $35

Free local pick up – by appointment only, must be picked up within a week of the sale ending.

All Sales will be final during the Live Sale, no other outside coupons, credits, substitutions, may be used for any Live Sale Items

Please email us at or message us with any questions prior to the sale starting, as we will not be able to respond during the live sale, Thank you.